There have been people who have made significant contributions to the modern world but have been considered as criminals by few and heroes by others. Julian Assange being one of them. The WikiLeaks founder seems to have a deep understanding of how certain people can abuse their power only as long as they are hidden in the shadows and there is an urgency to bring them in the open in order to prevent the monstrosity.

Nothing that Julian Assange has disclosed has threatened any civilian or any American soldier or hauled any person under the threat of terrorists. Moreover, the First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” One could gather from this that the intent of the founders was to ensure that people have a right to express their opinion when their Government goes wrong. The quest of liberty and freedom is possible only when people who are corrupt are forced to realize the gravity of their sins and they are displayed in public for all to see.

US President Barack Obama has defended his Government’s telephone and Internet spying programs on the grounds that ‘minor encroachments on privacy are necessary in the name of security.’ They have also mentioned that the Government is engaging in these activities to also prevent things like Wikileaks, but this is a very pea brained argument since leaking documents is not war or does not amount to a catastrophe that could vindicate Government’s invasion into people’s privacy.

United States has had absolutely no rationale behind their surveillance over people. The Government has also gone ahead to say that since it is unfeasible to keep everyone under watch, they are going to monitor only providers that are large enough which is completely absurd to say that extremists use only established means of communication or providers. In fact, more often than not they use non-conventional means of communication. This clearly is an outright violation of democracy.

In the light of the above facts, I think it is absolutely unfair to opine that Julian Assange is somehow doing the world great injustice by just disclosing the facts, despite risking his life in the interest of truth. Furthermore, it has been held in Landmark Commc’ns. v. Virginia, that the publication of truthful information enjoys considerable First Amendment Protection. It was also held in Pentagons Paper Case that unless national security interest outweighs the First Amendment principles, one’s right of pure speech cannot be restrained making way for social problems like invading one’s privacy. None of the documents revealed by Wikileaks has ever threatened the national security of the United States, therefore, I do not perceive anything unlawful in what Julian Assange has done.

With regard to rape accusations, I feel, media is hyping things out of their normal proportion to divert people’s attention to the self styled crimes committed by Assange from what Wikileaks has managed to reveal which should actually be the substantial issue in question. It is not rocket science to understand, how getting Assange into custody, would be beneficial to innumerable number of parties who feel Wikileaks activities are dangerous to them. However, if the rape accusations are true, he should stand trial and be convicted.

With respect to the activities carried out by Wikileaks, I am of the firm opinion that Julian Assange is definitely not a criminal instead can be considered as a Hero for his undying efforts to bring important information to the public along with original source so readers could have evidence as well.

Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia

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