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Marriage, Divorce, Maintenance and Custody under all Personal Laws

Aug 28th, 2019 Constitutional Law, Uncategorized Prerana 59 min read

Marriage, Divorce, Maintenance and Custody under Family Laws in India:  Family law encompasses all the legal matters relating to a family including marriage, divorce, maintenance, adoption, partition etc. India is a colossal and a complex country where people follow more than one religion including Hindu, Muslim, Christianity, Buddhism etc. People in India solemnise their marriage in accordance with their personal practices and ceremonies due to…

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Adultery is not a Crime in India, Supreme Court rules

Nov 29th, 2018 Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Uncategorized Prerana 18 min read

Introduction to the Law on Adultery in India Meaning and History: Adultery is derived from the Latin word ‘adulterare’, wherein ‘ad’ means ‘to or towards’ and ‘alter’ means ‘to change something, make different in some way’. For the purpose of better understanding, adultery means consensual sexual intercourse during the subsistence of the marriage between one spouse and a person of the opposite sex, not the…


Indo-Pak war: Different methods that India has adopted against Pakistan

Oct 6th, 2016 Uncategorized Prerana 9 min read

Indo-Pak War of 2016 Uri Attack: In one of the most heart-rending attacks, heavily armed fidayeen militants charged at an Army camp at Uri near LoC around 4am in the morning on 18th September, 2016. 17 grenades were lobbed in three minutes causing major fire to the barracks and tents burning thirteen of our jawans instantaneously. The administrative base had large strength of troops of…

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Cauvery Dispute: Is Karnataka headed towards a Constitutional Breakdown?

Sep 13th, 2016 Miscellaneous, Uncategorized Prerana 16 min read

Brief on Cauvery Dispute as of now: On September 6, 2016, Supreme Court ordered Karnataka to release 15,000 cusecs of water for 10 days. However, Karnataka is facing almost 40% deficit in the water stored in the dams. The water available is just enough to meet the drinking water requirements in Bangalore, Mysore and surrounding cities. Very small amount of this water is being allocated to…

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