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Free speech has no restrictions on the Internet? Section 66A of IT Act repealed!

Jan 17th, 2017 Constitutional Law, Cyber Law Prerana 8 min read

Section 66A declared unconstitutional, free speech wins: This post has been written by Nimisha Gupta, law student of University School of Law and Legal Studies, New Delhi The Hon’ble Supreme Court, in its recent judgment Shreya Singhal v. Union of India (Writ Petition (Cri.) No. 167 of 2012), struck down Section 66A of the IT Act, 2000 as unconstitutional. The provision was repealed by the court on 24th March,…

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Cyber Security Law in India

Jun 4th, 2016 Cyber Law Prerana 7 min read

Cyber Security: ‘I dream of a Digital India where cyber security becomes an integral part of our national security.’ – Narendra Modi It was in 1980s that Tim Berners Lee founded the World Wide Web (WWW) and with that, gave way to modern internet. The internet swamped the world in such a way that soon all activities undertaken in the real world penetrated into the cyber…

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Right to be Forgotten Online

May 4th, 2016 Cyber Law Prerana 5 min read

Right to be Forgotten: Right to be forgotten is defined as the right ‘right to silence on past events that are no longer occurring.’ It comes from the profound wish of being forgiven and forgotten for one’s past mistakes. None of us would want to be reminded or judged for a mistake we committed in our past. A misdeed, we have already been punished for….

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FB’s FB (Free Basics) and TRAI’s staunch answer!

Jan 8th, 2016 Cyber Law, Miscellaneous Prerana 10 min read

Free Basics: Free Basics was a programme launched by Facebook on February 10, 2015. It was relentlessly opposed right from the time it was launched as in early 2015. Many raised doubts about it, as ‘.org’ instead of ‘.com’ is only provided to charitable organizations and providing internet connectivity to a few handpicked people does not make it a charitable institution. Facebook then renamed…

Internet Governance in India, ICANN no longer under USA!

Aug 8th, 2015 Cyber Law Prerana 11 min read

Critical Analysis of Internet Governance and Regulating Speech on Internet Freedom of speech and expression: Freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution. It means the right to express oneself freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, pictures or any other mode. So, it includes representation of ideas through communication or visual representation like gesture, signs etc. This fundamental right…

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