Geeta Gulati is presently the Founding and Owner at Geeta Gulati Associates, Chandigarh. She was previously, Partner at the Universal Legal Affiliate of The Chugh Firm, USA.

She is a highly regarded Corporate & Commercial Lawyer with specialties spread over Company Law, Business Contracts, Inward & Outward Investment, Joint Ventures, Securities Regulations, Direct & Indirect Taxes, Merger & Acquisitions.

She is also a registered Patent Attorney. Her clients vouch for her as someone who is sharp focused, practical with unique analytical skills. She is also considered as a great orator and a skilled lawyer with a rare combination of spontaneity and knowledge.

She completed her LLB from Panjab University.

1) If asked to introduce yourself, what would your answer be? If you could explain in terms of what you would expect a candidate to say on being asked this question.

The candidate should be able to summarize, his/her personality and should be able to convey the candidate’s wish on what he/she wants to achieve in his/her professional and personal life

2) You were a Partner at the Chugh Firm, how was your experience?

With multi cultural Chugh Firm, the learning curve in terms of dealing with variety of clients with their peculiar problems, helped in widening the horizon as a lawyer. Interacting with Lawyers in different Jurisdiction helped in developing interpersonal skills. The most important learning would be administration of the Law Firm.

3) What propelled you into finding GeetaGulati Associates?

As a Partner of the Firm, the responsibility is for Business Development along with the primary role of providing Legal Services. Being the owner of the firm requires multidisciplinary skills for making the venture successful. The drive to manage your own venture was the major thrust for establishing the firm.

4) Could you tell us a bit about GeetaGulati Associates? What are the areas of practice? What is the work environment like?

The firm is multi disciplinary. The Primary areas of Laws are Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property Rights.

The Firm encourages the team to bring their own personality to work. The Firm believes to be original rather than copying or adopting culture from other firms.

5) Your advice to law students who want to pursue a career in the field of Corporate Law? How should they go about preparing themselves?

The law student needs no preparation. The student needs to take the plunge. The lawyer always remains a student all his professional life and this is the beauty of legal profession.

The law student should always remember to work according to their personality. The uniqueness of the law student’s personality will bring success to the student.

6) What is the recruitment process like at GeetaGulati Associates?

Informal meeting with the candidate followed with formal interview.

7) Do you prefer candidates that come through referral? Is there a college preference while recruiting?

There is no preference for law college. Referrals are welcomed. The sole criterion for selection is the candidate should be in love with law.

8) What according to you is a good CV? That of a topper or one with extra curricular achievements such as paper publications and moot court achievements?

Law student who has wide exposure and is well read. Legal Profession demands knowledge and understanding of various issues and sectors. Scoring high marks in Law College, necessarily will not make a student good lawyer.

9) What would you expect of a candidate during the interview process? Any answer that you have been particularly impressed with?

When the candidate is himself /herself and is not ready to please.

10) Any advice to interns at GeetaGulati& Associates? How can they ace it in order to get a call back?

The intern who enjoyed working and was cheerful would be preferred.

11) Is there an opening at GeetaGulati & Associates presently? Where should candidates looking for job/internship opportunities contact?

The opening is for Litigation Lawyer and for Trade Marks Agent.

The candidate should drop a mail or simply call.

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