Legal Parley is a legal blog that analyses various socio-legal issues in the light of the laws of India. The aim is to spread legal awareness among the masses.

Legal Parley seeks to provide insightful information to its readers to help them understand the current relevant socio-legal issues in the most comprehensive and coherent manner possible.

Apart from this, Legal Parley also seeks to help law students in treading their career path successfully. In pursuance of this, Legal Parley has interviewed partners of various law firms, all of whom have delightfully guided law students on the requirements from candidates during the recruitment process and how they should navigate their career paths.

Legal Parley is now looking to expand its team of committed individuals in order to facilitate further growth and successfully attain the long-term goals that it set out to achieve.

We are looking for like-minded people who are passionate about research and writing. If you are one of the talented young individuals who has a zeal for research, writing, networking and technology and if the idea of contributing to the growth of a platform excites you, then Legal Parley is looking for candidates like you.

1) Content Writers – Legal Parley is looking for content writers who can independently conceive ideas on latest socio-legal topics, research thoroughly and draft comprehensive articles to help readers understand the topic. Content Writers also have to actively network with influencers in this area in order to seek their support and contribution in the topics.

Content Writers should preferably be people with a legal background, must have a fervor for research and writing and most certainly need to have flawless command over their language and writing skills.

2) Marketing Associates – Legal Parley is looking to build itself up as a brand. Marketing Associate would be the ones who know how to spread the word, expand the readership size, and have a thorough grasp of the social media.

Marketing Associates should be able to come up with creative ideas, have impeccable English skills and a knack to draw readers’ attention.

3) IT Associate – Legal Parley needs a strong, efficient and dedicated back end team that can support the hard work put in by the Content Writers and Marketing Associates.

Legal Parley needs people with thorough knowledge of WordPress, SEO, Email Marketing techniques among other things. IT associates must have a good technological know how of how to improve the outlook and platform constantly.

Interested candidates can send their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Statement of Purpose to by 30th November, 2016.

Since Legal Parley was founded in 2015 as a non-profit platform to spread legal awareness, we shall be unable to remunerate for these advertised positions presently. However, Legal Parley is willing to share any revenue we make post expansion. For now we hope you are willing to work as a family and be a part of Legal Parley’s growth into being a one-stop blog for all socio-legal news and related discussions.

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