Mr. Arun Kumar is the founding partner of CrestLaw Partners, Bangalore that was established in 2006.

Before this, he was an equity partner at Dua Associates for eight years. He graduated from National Law School of India University in 1994 and within a short span of four years he became a partner at Dua Associates.

Mr. Arun Kumar has extensive knowledge in the field of Corporate Law, Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Joint Ventures etc.

He has very kindly agreed to share with our readers about his journey through all these years and guide law students looking for jobs/internship opportunities on how to go about it.

1) National Law School of India University, Bangalore is one of the most revered universities in the legal field. Our readers would love to know your experience at NLSIU as a student. How different do you think is the environment at NLSIU now?

Speaking for myself, the environment at NLSIU was a brilliant nurturing ground even for my limited abilities. Sharing space and being educated with such bright minds was a huge advantage. That environment taught you to appreciate different perspectives, thinking, analysing and critiquing legal thought, societal mores and cultures. It taught us sensitivity in thought and speech. It gave me my perspective. I am sure it is the same, if not better now.

2) What propelled you into finding CrestLaw Partners in 2006? Could you take us through your journey of establishing your own law firm?

I suppose it was the thought that my partners should be people that I related to, who share my ethos. Your partners should be persons who will disagree, but for the right reasons. Partner, is not an expression meant to denote mere sharing of revenues or your take home retainer. It was my partners and and the right circumstances that propelled CrestLaw.

3) What is the work environment like at CrestLaw Partners?

The environment at work has to be pleasant. It has to nurture thought and apply a high degree of competence in Law. The environment should push its resources to be the complete personalities that is required of a practicing lawyer. It needs to have a heart. Lastly, it should be progressive economically, professionally and individually. This it should achieve for everyone involved.

4) Your advice to students wanting to practice corporate law, how must they prepare themselves? 

As in any practice of Law, it begins with a good knowledge of Law.

5) What does CrestLaw Partners look for in prospective candidates?

 An aptitude for law. A never say die attitude. Temperament to work in teams. An ethical disposition. Empathy for another man’s cause. Application at work and timeliness. Interest and passion in non-law pursuits, like reading, sports and the like. A well rounded personality. More importantly compatibility with our culture and work environment.

6) Would you rather choose a CV of a topper or a CV with moot court achievements and paper publications?

Achievements of either kind are suggestive of a keen mind, smart disposition, drive to succeed and an aptitude for law practice. A topper has demonstrated persistent effort and that should get its due.

7) What is the recruitment process at CrestLaw Partners? (Is it only through internships or any other process)

 CrestLaw we recruit from amongst those who have evinced interest in working with us. If we have worked with the candidate before, during his/her internship, that would ease the decision making process. But the search is for a right candidate for the job and for that everything is relevant.

8) Does CrestLaw Partners prefer candidates that come through referrals? Is there a college preference while recruiting a particular candidate?

What matters is the candidate. The college in which he/she studied is not normally a concern. If a candidate has been referred, then we may look at such a candidate favourably. But the person referred should still be the best fit for the job.

9) During an interview process, what is it that you are looking for in a candidate? One impressive answer that you have got from an interviewee?

As I said before we are looking for a lawyer of competence, who fits our culture and ethos, who has the potential to lead the firm into the future. We have had the good fortune of interviewing several candidates who had exceptionally good interviews. I have always been impressed by candidates who demonstrate a good presence of mind, tact and dexterity in language, when they are pushed into a corner.

10) Your advice to students on how to ace the internship at CrestLaw Partners in order to get that call back?

We are not looking for wall flowers who will come and adorn the furniture. The student is expected to be cheerfully involved, take active interest and put in substantial effort. We do not expect erudition in law. But their disposition to learn and the practice of law must be manifest. Incidentally, it is such students who will enjoy their internships with us, as much as we enjoy having them around.

11) Is there an opening at CrestLaw Partners right now? Where should candidates looking for internship/job opportunities apply?

We are not presently recruiting. But anyone keen on joining us should send in their CV. The application can be made by a simple email with a CV attached. The applications can be sent to We will hold the CV and call the student for an interview, at the first opportunity.

12) Any other guidance that you would like to give law students gearing up for the recruitment process?

 I have always felt that youngsters should choose their offices well. Lawyers and law firms have a reputation.   A youngster who joins an office will be smeared with the reputation of that office. Make sure that is the reputation you want.

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